Collapsible Metal Staff

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Mechanical Collapsible Metal Staff. A beautiful metal staff for a true Steampunk Fan!

Mechanical looking steampunk staff to ensure the vintage steampunk look with your vintage cosplay.

Like all of our Steampunk products, you can feel the fusion of the 20th century style and our Steampunk passion. What a great way to express your passion for the Steampunk style.

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Courtesy of Push4Fashion ‘The Steampunk Fashion Revolution’:

A true Steampunk collector’s item, inspired in the early and mid-twentieth century engineering.

Our Steampunk accessories selection will allow you to carry a 20th century engineering and original look at its best. You will love this gorgeous Keyboard!

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IMPORTANT: Be sure to close it carefully and as shown in the tutorial to avoid cutting yourself on the sharp edges! It needs practice.
Only for performance, this is not a fighting staff.
May be used for light sparring when being very careful, but this item is NOT constructed as an actual weapon and will break if you hit with too much force.
Not suited for young children due to the sophisticated mechanism and sharp edges.
Material: Metal / Color Coating
Lenght: 110cm


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If you are planning on buying one of these amazing accessories you should probably know:

Steampunk lovers, we never cared about fashion trends as much as we cared about being loyal to our own style. We love the Steampunk vision of an imaginary World as a mixture of the Victorian era’s romantic view of science in literature and the industrialization in most parts of Europe. The aesthetics of the fashion are designed with a post-apocalyptic era in mind.

Since the genre emerged, the aesthetic of Steampunk fashion has remained constant. New ideas in literature, and advancements in science and technology have resulted in subtle changes. Even though the genre did not become widely known until the late 20th century, steampunk and its fashion is said to have existed earlier.

During the 1980s and 1990s, steampunk fashion grew along with the goth and punk movements in fashion. Cyberpunk and dieselpunk fashion are variants of the steampunk fashion of the 1980s.

Our beloved Steampunk Fashion, as a Fashion trend:

Steampunk fashion has evolved into a culture of imaginative dressing, inspired by the aesthetics of the past. Modern-day fashion critics have actively sought to deconstruct steampunk as a term and as a philosophy in the context of fashion. Modern trends in steampunk fashion are grouped into historical recreationists and sci-fi cosplayers. Since the first steampunk convention in 2006, SalonCon, there have been a number of similar conventions where enthusiasts dress up as characters from steampunk culture. Modern steampunk clothing is based more on leather and metal as opposed to cotton or natural fabrics. More recently, steampunk has also been linked to fetishism, the genderqueer community and modern paganism.

In 2010, steampunk fashion entered the high-end market of fashion as designer John Galliano brought elements from the style to his spring haute couture show for Christian Dior. Another designer associated with the steampunk style is Jean Paul Gaultier, who frequently shows corsets in different material in his collections.As of 2015, steampunk fashion started to influence the more mainstream fashion trends.

Nowadays, we Steampunk lovers are as will always be, dreamers with a sense of fashion beyond trends, but now you know what you are buying, and will also have an informed reply when somebody asks you why or what does Steampunk style means today.

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